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Christmas and New Year Hours

Extended Christmas Hours

  • Saturday 21st December 10am–4pm and 5pm–8pm
  • Sunday 22nd December 10am–4pm
  • Monday 23rd December 10am–4pm
  • Tuesday 24th December 10am–4pm

Normal Hours

  • Thursday 26th December 11am–3pm
  • Friday 27th December 11–3pm (not open in the evening)
  • Saturday 28th December 11–3pm


  • Sunday 29th December to Monday 6th January – Closed

Open As Normal

  • From Tuesday 7th January

The team at Gandharva Loka wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Gandharva Loka Christchurch to re-open on December 6!

We are delighted to announce that Gandharva Loka in Christchurch will be re-opening at 11am on Tuesday the 6th of December!

Our new location is:
363 St Asaph Street,
(Between Fitzgerald Ave and Barbadoes St

We have a lovely space that is accessed from the St Asaph Street entrance of The Lotus-Heart restaurant, tea house and health food store – a new location for the popular vegetarian restaurant that is also home to The Gift Shop. At present a new facade is being installed so the building is shrouded in scaffolding. But prepare to be amazed when you step inside – the interior is enchanting!

We now have in stock the best range of instruments we have ever had and we are expecting that more instruments will be arriving in the next few days.

Our hours are:
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-3pm.
Friday evening 5pm-8pm.
We are happy to accommodate customers outside these hours by appointment if our regular store hours do not suit.


Gandharva Loka opens in Vancouver!

We are very happy to announce that a brand new Gandharva Loka store has opened in Vancouver, Canada! Located in the heart of Vancouver on Granville Island, a bustling market place that is home to numerous artisans, performers and unique stores, Gandharva Loka Vancouver is the first Gandharva Loka store in North America and will offer a huge range of world music instruments. Store location and hours can be found here.

We wish our new sister enterprise well and we are sure that the Vancouver team look forward to serving their customers as the northern spring becomes summer on Granville Island…

Granville Island in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Bustling Granville Island in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada – home to
the latest addition to the Gandharva Loka family of world instrument stores.

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Spontaneous World Music

Sitar, balafon and caxixiSome friends of ours, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Europe, were gathered together for a weekend of meditation and joy a few years ago. Many of them are accomplished musicians and singers and during the weekend there were many performances of Sri Chinmoy‘s music as well as a number of spontaneous performances.

The piece of music below is a recording of one of those spontaneous moments and it features two musicians, Kanala Auer (an art teacher and sitarist from Austria) and Alap Jetzer (a very talented multi-instrumentalist and instrument maker from Switzerland). Both have been Sri Chinmoy’s meditation students for many years. Kanala is playing a sitar and Alap is playing a balafon with caxixi attached to the strikers. So the mix is an Austrian musician playing an Indian instrument and a Swiss musician playing African instruments – I think we can call that world music!

Please enjoy the spontaneity of our friends Kanala and Alap…


New Instruments at Gandharva Loka, February 2011

Here we are in the middle of February already – wasn’t it just Christmas?!? 2011 is a stone that is gathering no moss! Neither is Gandharva Loka in Christchurch. Our little music store has been busy with world instruments coming and going via a steady stream of customers near and far. Gandharva Loka’s managers, Vajin and Prasasta, were away on a meditation retreat/trekking holiday/buying trip in Nepal for two weeks in January and have returned with lots of interesting instruments which we will tell you about in a moment. Yours truly has had a wonderful time looking after Gandharva Loka while Vajin and Prasasta travelled and, being something of a instrument green-horn, I have been learning on the job – learned much from the customers actually. Gandharva LokaTruth to tell, what I have really enjoyed most is meeting people and sharing the joy and enthusiasm that our visitors and customers exude when they are in the store! And the nicest thing about the job is that people come into the store and play music!

Our motto is that Gandharva Loka is not a museum, so we always encourage our visitors to try the instruments. People’s capacities do vary of course, but no matter who they are or what they do, it is all music and joy in one form or another. And then there are the people who just blow you away with their abilities! One particularly nice memory is of a gentleman who came into Gandharva Loka late one Saturday afternoon. Taking a seat near the front of the store, he picked up an esraj and laid it across his knees, proceeding to play it in a blues-Indian fusion style all his own – it was magic! People were coming and going and he just kept playing. After a while, one of our little Celtic lever harps caught his eye and he began plucking on that too. Next thing you know, he was playing the esraj with one hand and the harp with the other – the magic continued but now we were hearing a blues-Indian fusion with a liberal sprinkling of Celtic thrown into the mix. Frankly, it was very beautiful and quite mesmerising. Walking out the door, he looked at me and with a twinkle in his eye said, “I’ll be back…” I do hope so…
Anyway, I veer verbose – down to business…

New Instruments:


Gandharva Loka: Shop of the 21st Century

Victor and VajinThis August I had the unique opportunity to spend some time at Gandharva Loka in Christchurch during my holiday in New Zealand back from working in Japan. I could say many nice things about Gandharva Loka but here is just one angle.

When you enter the Gandharva Loka store, you are greeted by a long narrow shop floor flanked by shelves displaying a rich, colourful array of musical instruments from around the world. From Maori flutes and conches close to home, to Australian didgeridoos, to African drums and Tibetan trumpets from further abroad. If you want a good feel of what ‘world music’ is, you couldn’t do better than to come down to have a look at this shop.

World music is a fairly recent phenomenon. For us in the West, basically it is the acknowledgment of musical traditions outside our own. It is definitely one manifestation of internationalization in general, which is a modern phenomenon. The world has never been as internationally integrated as it is today and it looks like this trend will only increase in the future. Clearly Gandharva Loka in a child of progressive, contemporary society.


The Gandharva Loka Newsletter for August 2010

Subscribe to The Gandharva Loka NewsletterThis is an online version of the Gandharva Loka Newsletter that was emailed to our subscribers in August, 2010. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter highlighting the arrival of new instruments, special deals, musical instrument workshops, free concerts and meditation workshops, kindly subscribe to The Gandharva Loka Newsletter.

August 2010 Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds you warm and embracing the beauty of winter. We have had a busy two weeks with the school holidays where we see many more customers than usual and we have also been listing on our website a great deal of information about every instrument we have. In the middle of August we are off to New York for a meditation retreat. You will see our good friend Victor in the store taking care of things until we get back.

The Gandharva Loka Team