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Gandharva Loka News – October 15, 2013

Concert at The Lotus-Heart – October 3, 2013

The Sri Chinmoy Centre recently offered a concert of Sri Chinmoy‘s meditative music at The Lotus-Heart vegetarian restaurant in Christchurch. Concert at The Lotus-Heart – October 3, 2013Gandharva Loka’s co-manager, Vajin Armstrong, introduced the concert and a variety of instruments from Gandharva Loka’s stock of world instruments including djembe, sitar and udu featured in the concert. The concert, the first for the Centre since the Feb 2011 earthquake, also saw the inaugural use of the new upstairs dining room at The Lotus-Heart which relocated with Gandharva Loka and The Gift Shop to 363 St Asaph Street after the earthquake.

The room was full with standing room only and this webmaster was fortunate enough to catch the concert through the kindness of our dear friend Ron Kettle who stood holding a tablet that transferred the event electronically via Skype. Ron’s comment afterwards was that he “…now knew what it was like to be The Statue of Liberty!” Thank you Ron – you’re the champion of self-giving! From my perspective, the concert was very beautiful and soulful and it was great to see the Centre members performing their Master’s music in a public concert again. I was greatly inspired by the concert and was very grateful to have had the opportunity to see and hear it from Auckland. Prasasta, who sang in the concert, also wrote a short article which can be viewed here »

The Lotus-Heart Voted ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant 2013’


New Instruments at Gandharva Loka, February 2011

Here we are in the middle of February already – wasn’t it just Christmas?!? 2011 is a stone that is gathering no moss! Neither is Gandharva Loka in Christchurch. Our little music store has been busy with world instruments coming and going via a steady stream of customers near and far. Gandharva Loka’s managers, Vajin and Prasasta, were away on a meditation retreat/trekking holiday/buying trip in Nepal for two weeks in January and have returned with lots of interesting instruments which we will tell you about in a moment. Yours truly has had a wonderful time looking after Gandharva Loka while Vajin and Prasasta travelled and, being something of a instrument green-horn, I have been learning on the job – learned much from the customers actually. Gandharva LokaTruth to tell, what I have really enjoyed most is meeting people and sharing the joy and enthusiasm that our visitors and customers exude when they are in the store! And the nicest thing about the job is that people come into the store and play music!

Our motto is that Gandharva Loka is not a museum, so we always encourage our visitors to try the instruments. People’s capacities do vary of course, but no matter who they are or what they do, it is all music and joy in one form or another. And then there are the people who just blow you away with their abilities! One particularly nice memory is of a gentleman who came into Gandharva Loka late one Saturday afternoon. Taking a seat near the front of the store, he picked up an esraj and laid it across his knees, proceeding to play it in a blues-Indian fusion style all his own – it was magic! People were coming and going and he just kept playing. After a while, one of our little Celtic lever harps caught his eye and he began plucking on that too. Next thing you know, he was playing the esraj with one hand and the harp with the other – the magic continued but now we were hearing a blues-Indian fusion with a liberal sprinkling of Celtic thrown into the mix. Frankly, it was very beautiful and quite mesmerising. Walking out the door, he looked at me and with a twinkle in his eye said, “I’ll be back…” I do hope so…
Anyway, I veer verbose – down to business…

New Instruments:


The Gandharva Loka Newsletter for November 2010

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November Newsletter

It is now been two months since Christchurch was shaken by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The city is steadily returning to normality although many of the streets look like a mouth with teeth missing as the buildings that are beyond repair have been demolished and left as vacant lots for now. There are still many damaged buildings to be restored or removed but life goes on and it is not unusual to see visitors to Christchurch conducting their own little ‘tours of the rubble’.

The Wizard of New ZealandSummer is coming and the days grow longer and warmer! The streets of Christchurch and our beloved Cathedral Square are beginning to throng with visitors again. Buskers are also returning to the Square to entertain the crowds leading up to the World Buskers Festival in January. The ancient (some say eternal) and wise Wizard of New Zealand (nee Christchurch) has come out of hibernation and has been seen in Cathedral Square dispelling darkness from atop his sturdy step ladder. Ah, summer…! Warm weeks ahead and Christchurch is on the mend…

Thanks again to all the people who contacted us with concern and support during the past two months. I think we can safely offer gratitude on behalf of the entire community as the support this city has received from within New Zealand and from abroad has been extraordinary The warmth and oneness of our family, humanity, has a far greater value than anything that was lost during the earthquake.

Here’s what is happening, new and upcoming at Gandharva Loka in Christchurch


Additions to the Gandharva Loka Website

As is natural in the great scheme of things, this website is evolving and has had a few additions and updates in recent days. One of those addition is the blog you are currently visiting and the other is The Gandharva Loka Gallery – home to photographs of our store, our team, the instruments that we sell and the festivals, expos and events that we attend.