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Todd Chaplin

Flute Camp Aotearoa – January 2014

Journeying with the Native American Style Flute

Flute Camp AotearoaA series of Native American flute workshops is being organised by flute maker Todd Chaplin of Southern Cross Flutes this coming January in Wellington. This from Todd’s website:

Join us for an amazing long weekend (Jan 17–20th 2014) of flute playing workshops centered on music-making with the Native American Flute. This retreat designed for players of any amount of experience who want to raise their playing and enjoyment of the instrument to a new level. Facilitated by two wonderful players of the Native American Indian Style Flute, from the U.S.A – Clint Goss and Vera Shanov.     Read more »

Native Amercan flutes are probably the easiest type of flute to play and they produce a beautiful organic tone that is very satisfying. For those who might be interested in attending these workshops but lack a flute, Gandharva Loka stocks two ranges of good quality and relatively inexpensive Native American flutes. One range is by Todd Chaplin of Wellington and the other is by Odell Borg of High Spirits Flutes in Arizona, USA. Both of these respected flute makers craft their instruments from a variety of woods and in a variety of sizes and pitches.

Please feel free to contact us or come into Gandharva Loka if you are interested in trying or hearing these beautiful flutes.


Native American Flutes at Gandharva Loka

Southern Cross FlutesGandharva Loka in Christchurch is very proud to offer a new range of exquisite Native American flutes from local flute maker Todd Chaplin of Southern Cross Flutes. Todd’s flutes are crafted from a variety of imported and New Zealand timberss. They are beautifully finished and often feature decorative inlays such as wood, semi-precious stones and paua shell.

Todd makes single and double Native American style flutes in a variety of sizes that offer a wide range of sounds. His flutes have lovely clear tone and, as is typical of this kind of flute, they are very easy to play. They also come with a comprehensive instruction manual and a flute bag. There are some lovely samples of Native American flute music on the homepage of Todd’s website – they are very expressive, soul stirring wind instruments.

About Todd Chaplin

Todd ChaplinTodd was first exposed to Native American flute music while living in Korea. In 2006 he bought his first Native American flute and has been an ardent player ever since. When the opportunity of an apprenticeship in flute making came his way with Matt Shooting Star of Spiritsong Flutes in Australia, Todd jumped at the chance.

After finishing his time with Matt, and at Matt’s recommendation, Todd decided to visit the master flute maker Guillermo Martinez in Southern California where he spent five months studying and making Native American flutes. He has now returned to Christchurch to set up a workshop and continue his journey. Read more »

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