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Boxing Day Replay: Saturday 12 February, 2011

Boxing Day Replay – Saturday February 12th, 2011As many know, the Boxing Day sales of 2010 came abruptly to a halt at about 10.30 am due to the 4.9 magnitude earthquake that shook central Christchurch that morning – with aftershock on the side! It was a very sharp earthquake (some say more violent than September 4th) but it was thankfully short. Remarkably, again, no one was injured but the inner city was basically shut down while officials assessed the damage and subsequently, over 100 more businesses were closed. This was the second big hit to the business life of central Christchurch, especially in the view that the Boxing Day sales were a big opportunity for both retail businesses and shoppers.

The Central City Business Association of Christchurch has decided to have another shot at the Boxing Day Sales with a Boxing Day Replay this coming Saturday, February the 12th. Gandharva Loka will be open between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm on Saturday.


TWO HOURS FREE PARKING in all Council run city parking facilities. Visitors to the central city will be able to get the first two hours free parking in all council run off street city facilities until the end of February. Details and map here »