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Tucker XL reviews Gandharva Loka

In 2009, Christchurch DJ and style ninja, Tucker XL, put pen to paper and reviewed Gandharva Loka for a local magazine. The following was published.
This is the kind of store malls could only dream of, a place for the mind, soul and even body. Gandharva Loka is a tiny shop on Colombo Street where the mere act of walking in fills you with a sense of serenity. The opportunity for your inner child to run free is on every shelf with everything from kazoos to traditional Maori flutes, and more Congas than you could shake a rump at, to a multitude of world musical instruments. Not only can these wonderful items be made to sound magnificent in the hands of a master, but a tone deaf fatty from the ‘burbs can also get his groove on while staying in tune (God bless the pentatonic scale).