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New Instruments at Gandharva Loka – December 2010

Looking for interesting and stimulating gifts for Christmas?
Gandharva Loka Christchurch is very happy to announce that we have just received several shipments of new instruments and are expecting more within the next few days from India and Europe. We will post an update when they arrive but in the meantime, here is a list of some of our newly arrived world instruments. (You can click on the instrument icons to see a larger version of each instrument.)

Bagpipe Practice Chanter

Bagpipe Practice ChanterThe bagpipe practice chanter is a double reed woodwind instrument that is similar in appearance to a recorder. It can be considered an instrument in its own right but its main function is as a practice instrument for the Scottish bagpipes. Gandharva Loka now has in stock some beautifully finished practice chanters.


BalalaikaThe balalaika is a Russian fretted stringed instrument with a triangular body and three strings (one steel and two nylon) that are typically tuned to E, E and A. The balalaika Gandharva Loka has just received is the most common size, the prima balalaika, which is the smallest of the balalaika family. Comes with a hard case.

Celtic Lever Harps

Celtic Lever HarpsGandharva Loka now has a range of Celtic lever harps. The small and medium harps are lap harps and the larger size is free standing. They are all lever harps with nylon strings.

  • Small – 19 string lap harp.
  • Medium – 22 string lap harp.
  • Large – 22 string free standing harp


DarbukaThe darbuka is a goblet shaped hand drum of ancient origin that is mostly used in Middle Eastern styles of music. Gandharva Loka has just received Turkish style darbukas that have a clear synthetic drum head. These drums offer a bright rim slap and have a full base tone as well. Very nice design and finish on the body of these drums.

Irish Fute

Martin Doyle Irish FluteGandharva Loka has just received direct from Ireland an Irish flute made by Martin Doyle. It is a standard six hole keyless D flute made of African Blackwood – a premium instrument that is very responsive and carries Martin’s trademark ‘easy of playing and quality of tone’. The bore has a mirror finish and Martin inserts a hardwood block into the cork in the head-joint which adds a little extra projection and power to the instrument. Martin Doyle flutes have plenty of power but are also great flutes for the soft and gentle airs – the best of both worlds. A huge percentage of Ireland’s young flute players are choosing Martin Doyle flutes and they are cherished by seasoned musicians as well. Visit Martin Doyle’s Testimonials page.

Kalimba and Sansula

Kalimba and SansulaGandharva Loka now has a full range of high quality Kalimbas and Sansulas.


  • Classic Box Kalimba – with a resonant tone.
  • Wood Block Kalimba – with two tunings; B7 and B9.


  • Standard Sansula – with a synthetic membrane.
  • Deluxe Sansula – with a thick and tunable goat skin membrane.


LyreThe lyre is a stringed musical instrument well known for its use in classical antiquity and later. The lyre is similar in appearance to a small harp, but with certain distinct differences. Gandharva Loka has just received some beautifully finished ten string lyres. The strings are steel and these lyres have a lovely bright tone.

Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain DulcimerThe mountain dulcimer (also known as the Appalachian dulcimer or lap dulcimer) is a fretted stringed instrument of the zither family that typically has three or four strings. New at Gandharva Loka is a four steel stringed version that is tuned to D, A, D and D. This mountain dulcimer has a lovely bright tone and is easy to play.

Squeeze Horns

Squeeze HornsSqueeze horns have a wide variety of uses and are synonymous with vintage cars, bicycles (excellent and inexpensive road safety feature as these horns have good volume), clown and busking acts and general good fun. They look very smart brass finish and can be polished if they become dull or tarnished – a great Christmas gift.

Christmas Gifts

The gift of a musical instrument can bring joy to all – the giver, the receiver and future audiences. It may be the gift that sets someone along the path of discovering hidden talent or capacity unimagined. Gandharva Loka has a wide range of musical instruments from all over the world to suit all budgets, ages, skill levels and needs. With Christmas looming and gifts on your mind, call into the store or contact us to find out how we can help you to source the perfect gift of a musical instrument for a friend or loved one.


  1. Bill says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a Mountain Dulcimer. Can you help? What sort of price should I be budgeting?



    1. Admin says:

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I will forward your message to the store’s managers and they will contact you.

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